WHAT: Rest is a lifting-aid specifically made for lifting tasks at tire workshops.

WHY: The reality is that there are countless of people how struggle with back pain and injuries because of these workshops. The reason is the lack of user adapted aid. Rest is a means to solve these problems.

COLLABORATORS: This assignment was done alone more as a research-based task.

ASSIGNMENT: To create lifting aid that is more user friendly, effective and more ergonomically adapted after the users wants and need.

INVOLVED: Jacob Göthberg


The project was based on another study on tire-workshops. The study was made from an ergonomic perspective where thy concluded that the mounting of wheels was the most ergonomically stressful. The result of the study was that lighting was good and tools where available near the working station, the problem was the lift. There are thots on why existing aid is not used Is because the workers believe it takes more time then lifting on your own. Ergonomic studies have been made to be able to see and make confidence inspiring choices and to have as a guide when making the concept


In my study I have been working close with the users, I have been to their workshops and made observations, I have done interviews and ergonomic analyses to get a better understanding of the users need, wants and to understand their situation. After lots of iterations and testing we have come up with a new take on lifting aid in the tier-workshops.

Rest.perspektiv 3.48.jpg

The product: Rest is a product that keeps the user aware of the posture, it reminds the user when they are lifting wrong.

produkt test 2.184.jpg

The strap on the back connects the shoulder peace to the belt. What it does is to fix the back into a neutral position.


When the user tries to lift in an ergonomically stressed positions the harness pulls in the back and shoulder which makes the user aware of the posture and helps to relieve some of the stress.


Because of the way the harness is made it makes the user more flexible, a need the users have expressed. It makes the solution the quickest end most ergonomic aid for the task.

produkt test 3.185.jpg

The belt increases the abdominal pressure which helps to stabilize the back.

produkt test.193.jpg

The materials are chosen for their properties such as leather for its possibility to wear, polypropene fabric straps for its strength, lycra back peace for its elastic properties and polyester fabric in the shoulder pieces.